Genevestigator is a reference expression database and meta-analysis system. It allows biologists to study the expression and regulation of genes in a broad variety of contexts by summarizing information from hundreds of microarray experiments into easily interpretable results. A user-friendly interface allows you to visualize gene expression in many different tissues, at multiple developmental stages, or in response to large sets of stimuli, diseases, drug treatments, or genetic modifications. This type of meta-analysis is core to understanding the spatio-temporal-response regulation of genes, to identify or validate biomarkers, and to find out which subnetworks are commonly affected in different diseases and conditions.

The Genevestigator developer team is composed of biologists, computer scientists, and mathematicians. We work together to develop software solutions in the interdisciplinary fields of functional genomics and systems biology.

The following laboratories from ETH Zurich have contributed to building Genevestigator:
From these labs, the following persons have at some point in time contributed to software development and/or curation (in alphabetical order):
Bleuler Stefan
Duemmler Dominique
Hirsch-Hoffmann Matthias 
Hruz Tomas 
Keldermann Karsten
Laule Kirsten
Laule Oliver
Oertle Lukas
Szabo Gabor
von Rohr Peter
Wessendorp Frans
Wyss Markus
Zimmermann Philip
Some persons have supported the project by other means:
Gruissem Wilhelm 
Hruzova Katarina 
Hennig Lars
Vranova Eva
Widmayer Peter